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Educate in values. Respect for diversity

As human beings we are all the same, although some values ​​differ depending on the family we are part of and the society in which we live. For this reason, respect for differences, diversity, different cultures and races, also be part of the education we give to our children.
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The best gifts for children according to their personality and age

What should we consider when buying a toy for a child? What is to socialize, to share, to increase their creativity, so that they educate? Every father and mother should choose gifts and toys that are in accordance with the values ​​they want to instill in their children, but in case you have doubts, below you will find the best gifts classified according to the personality and age of the child!
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When Children's Emotional Hurts Cause Physical Pain

& 39; Our body responds to our way of thinking, feeling and acting & 39 ;. At present, it is still the object of study to know how the world of emotions affects our body. There is much to investigate, although what many professionals do agree on is that the world of emotions directly affects our physical body, us as parents but also in the case of our children.
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