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Saint Daniel's Day, July 21. Names for boys

Saint Daniel's Day, July 21. Names for boys

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Daniel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that means'God's justice'. It is one of those names for boys that are very popular because they give off strength and delicacy at the same time, so it can be perfect for your child.

For a few years now, Daniel has become one of the favorite names for parents and it does not seem that he will lose strength in the coming years. Celebrate your name day or saint on July 21, which is the day of Saint Daniel.

For its simplicity, its beautiful meaning and its popularity, Daniel is a name that has won over many parents around the world. From our site we have something to say to all these moms and dads: never forget to give a big hug to your son Daniel every July 21! This is the date that the saints dedicate to celebrate the day of Santo Daniel, in honor of the prophet of the same name.

There are several characters in the Bible who are named after Daniel. However, this time we are going to focus on the prophet of the Book of Daniel. For Christians, Daniel is considered a major prophet, but the other religions also recognize his figure.

Daniel, who had been born into a well-established family, was one of the boys chosen to be trained and thus help the king. One day, the sovereign had a dream that his advisers could not explain, so he ordered everyone to be arrested, including young Daniel. After praying to God, one night Daniel had a revelation about the king's dream, which helped him interpret it and thus won the favor of the monarch.

After a few years, after a plot against him, Daniel was arrested and thrown into a pit full of lions. What was everyone's surprise when the beasts did not attack the young man, which caused great confusion among those present.

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The name Daniel is known all over the world thanks to the Hebrew tradition and it hardly presents graphic variants, only changing its pronunciation. We do know other forms of this name, such as Denis or Danilo, in addition to his diminutive Dani, which is very attractive. Her feminine form is Daniela, a name whose popularity is also on the rise.

The strength given to it by numerous personalities from the world of literature such as the writers Daniel Defoe, famous for his 'Robinson Crusoe' or Dan Brown, author of 'The Da Vinci Code' may help you choose your baby's name. We also meet actors Daniel Craig and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Nowadays, very popular figures of music have contributed to popularize the name of your son, such as the singer Dani Martín, who has been reaping success since his inception in the musical group 'El canto del loco' or the athletes Dani Sordo, pilot of rallying and motorcycling champion Dani Pedrosa. Also, they say that Daniel's are very naughty ... Just think of the character of Naughty Daniel! Is it true?

Do you know a boy named Daniel? And any girl named Daniela? It is very likely that your answer was yes, as it is a name that is becoming more and more popular around the world. What are the keys to your success?

1. It sounds modern, but it's traditional
First of all, this name is liked by parents who want names that sound modern (since this one, due to its popularity in recent decades, sounds more current than ever). But it also satisfies those looking for a name according to the Christian tradition.

2. Name with a nice sound
On the other hand, it cannot be argued that this name sounds tender and sweet, due to the sonority of all the letters that compose it.

3. It has a diminutive that conveys affection
As you well know, the diminutive of Daniel is Dani (although there are families who prefer to use the affectionate nickname of Danielito). Dani sounds so tender and transmits so much love that few children do not ask to be called that.

4. It is versatile: compound or simple?
Although the most common is to find Daniel as a simple name, compound names can also be formed, which shows his great versatility. Daniel José, Jesús Daniel or Daniel Alejandro are some of the most common.

Numerology explains that the number with which each child is related marks his personality. And what is Daniel's number? To find out, you have to add all the values, until there is only one figure left, of the letters that make up the name: D (4), A (1), N (5), I (9), E (5), L (3). Thus, the number that corresponds to Daniel's name is 9.

Babies of number 9 are very, very intelligent and this ease of learning can lead to two situations: that they always go ahead of the rest of children of their age or that they become confident and end up behind. Therefore, it is important to reinforce values ​​such as effort and perseverance. On the other hand, they are also children with a big heart, which leads them to be understanding and very empathetic.

By the meaning of his name, Daniel has a balanced personality and is a lover of justice and peace. His friendly and sympathetic character makes him succeed in social relationships and stands out for his honesty and loyalty.

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