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Emotional story in pictograms for children about friendship

Emotional story in pictograms for children about friendship

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Pictograms are communication resources that allow messages to be transmitted through a simple and clear image. It is a tool that can be used to help children develop language, and it is one of the first ways in which children can begin to read. Do you want to try thisemotional story in pictograms for children about friendship? It is titled 'The Mountain and the Bird'.

Did you know that children can learn to read through images? And it is that the drawings or pictograms allow the child to 'guess' or 'intuit' words that perhaps they would not recognize through the spelling. This has a lot of benefits for the child who is starting the process of recognizing letters.

- The little reader discovers and incorporates new words into his particular repertoire that perhaps otherwise would take longer is to know. And, as the report 'Pictograms in the literacy teaching / learning process', prepared by María Pérez Espinosa for Didactic Publications says,' one of the main objectives is that it facilitates the beginning of the teaching and learning process of literacy allows children to interpret a text even if they cannot yet read it completely. '

- Pictograms favor the global reading process and the formation of a more complete structure of language.

- These visual resources will also help them to develop memory and work your capacity for abstraction.

- Being of a striking color and with attractive images, the attention and interest of the child to this story is much greater. You will get much more involved and therefore have an impact on your language! You will learn faster!

And now that you know all the advantages of using pictograms so that the child gradually gains more communication skills, let's play with these pictures a little. What if we ask him this time to tell us a story? The letters can be read by you and he will take care of the part that has images. You sure will be great! Our proposal is 'The mountain and the bird'.

In a very distant place lived a lonely and barren mountain. The mountain was terribly lonely. He saw the sun rise and set, day and night, the clouds move away, and the rain falling silently. The mountain tried to communicate by speaking loudly, but no one answered it, until one day he felt a bird land on his shoulder. And they started talking ...

The little bird told him stories of the places he had visited and what it felt like to dominate the skies. The mountain listened enraptured, but the day came when the little bird had to continue its journey. The following year, the bird returned. And he kept doing it year after year, telling stories of everything his eyes saw. The mountain no longer felt sad or lonely!

The bird grew older and one day told the mountain that its wings could no longer bear such a long journey. The mountain began to cry, but the bird consoled her saying that her children would visit her and tell her the adventures of their travels.

The rain fell silently again and the clouds receded behind the mountain, until one day three young birds perched on his shoulder and began to tell him new stories. They were the sons of the mountain-friendly bird!

Did you know that the use of pictograms can go beyond the educational field? And it is that parents can use them to establish routines, set rules at home or work on emotions. Do we give you some examples that can be very useful for you?

- Task calendar with pictograms
To make it visually more attractive and easy to understand even for the smallest of the house, let's make our calendar of things to do at home (make the bed, clean up the room, put the dishwasher ...) using symbols or images. It will be more fun and safe for everyone to collaborate!

- Explain the moments of the day in pictures
Eating breakfast, eating or sleeping can be concepts of time that children find it difficult to understand. Until they know what they are, it will be difficult to work with them other aspects such as 'brushing your teeth before bed'. You can, as in the previous example, make a panel informing about what to do in the morning, what corresponds to noon, what to do in the afternoon and, finally, the time of night.

- Emotions with drawings
How difficult it is to face an episode of frustration from our son! How complicated it can also be to talk to them about sadness or love! They have to know those emotions to be able to work with them, but to do this they must, in turn, recognize and identify them. All of that can be easier if you create an emotion dashboard. When the child does not know what is wrong, let him point to the picture that best represents him.

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