Crazy kids adventure movies to watch on Netflix and HBO

Crazy kids adventure movies to watch on Netflix and HBO

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The platforms for children's films and series offer us the great option of viewing all their content at any time and from any device by just clicking on their official pages. This makes it easy to host an evening family home theater. Do you want to know what they are the best adventure movies for children that can be seen on Netflix or HBO? In GuiaInfantil we have prepared a list that will help you choose the one you like the most.

Adventure movies allow your little ones to dream, awaken their creative side and fill them with courage to face the obstacles of their day to day. Are you more of Netflix or HBO? Here you will find movies that you can watch on either of these two platforms.

1. Pokemon Detective Pikachu
If your little one is a lover of the classic Japanese animated series Pokemon, then he will love this live action adaptation where Pikachu plays the role of a detective on the streets of Ryme City, together with the son of his old police partner and pokemon trainer, to solve the problem. mystery of the disappearance of this. On Netflix there are also available many other movies and series chapters starring this nice character.

2. Shazam
Shazam tells the story of a 14-year-old teenager named Billy, who has trouble finding his way in the world. But all his doubts will take him on an extraordinary journey, after getting on the subway is transported to another dimension. Do you want to see this great movie?

3. Spiderman: Far From Home
If your child loves Marvel movies and has followed the plot of the incredible spider-man, then they cannot miss the second movie of it. On a summer trip to Europe, Peter Parker must face a series of disasters caused by an enigmatic character. But Peter wants to focus on his life as a teenager instead of having the responsibility of being a hero. What decision will you make?

4. Spiderman: A New Universe
Meanwhile, in the Marvel multiverse, a new Spiderman story takes place in a parallel dimension. In which, a brave young man named Miles Morales, who has been bitten by a radioactive spider, attempts to take from the late Peter Parker. However, several dimensional doors have been opened, revealing other Spidermans like him, who must return to their world before the entire universe collapses. Find out what the end is! It is available on HBO.

5. Gru: My Favorite Villain
The Most Lovable Despicable Villain is also available on Netflix and HBO. What is your favorite installment of the entire saga? You will all fall in love with the cute minions! Adventures are guaranteed in these kids movies ...

6. Fantastic animals
From the writer of the Harry Potter saga, we get this new installment of film series that take place in the same magical world but several years ago and with other characters, equally interesting and enigmatic.

7. Harry Potter
Of course, if we talk about the Fantastic Animals saga, we could not stop recommending you see Harry Potter. You can organize a home cinema marathon to see all the young magician's films throughout the week!

8. Ant man and the Wasp
In the sequel to the Ant Man movie, Scott must resolve unfinished business with his life and deal with the consequences after being Ant Man. But, Hope and Dr. Pym again require your help to find a loved one and stop a new villain that is emerging, which will make it difficult for them to achieve their mission. What an adventure is waiting for you on HBO!

9. The house with a clock on its walls
The last thing a young man who has just lost his parents is having to live in a strange house with his peculiar uncle. But that is just the case with Lewis, who has to adapt to the mysterious mansion that always has the sound of a clock and that is nothing more than the door of a fantasy world, where his uncle turns out to be a sorcerer. What will happen? Your kids will love this movie for the magic it gives off.

10. Small foot
Surely you know the legend of Bigfoot and the effort of many adventurers to find his trace. But what happens when this happens the other way around? This is the case with Migo, an adorable Yeti who seeks to prove that humans are not as bad as their people believe and that they can indeed become great friends with those so-called little feet. Hilarious this movie.

11. Men in Black: International MIB
A new adaptation of the funny story of the men in black has arrived. This time with new characters like Agent H and rookie Agent M. Who must join forces to prevent the end of the planet by a weapon of mass destruction, which seems to be being manipulated by an infiltrator in the agency. In addition to this particular adventure movie, we recommend the entire saga! It's great to watch with older kids.

12. The Incredibles
The most extraordinary family of superheroes comes to your television screen thanks to HBO. What is your favorite Incredibles movie, the first, second or third?

With these movies, you can enjoy a day of adventure with your little one from home with HBO and Netflix. Are you joining the movie session?

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