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Saint Álvaro's Day, February 19. Names for boys

Saint Álvaro's Day, February 19. Names for boys

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Álvaro is a name for boys of Germanic or Nordic origin that means 'the protector of all' although, given the difficulty in tracing its linguistic origins, not everyone agrees on this etymology and suggests a meaning of 'the noble warrior' . In any case, it is a perfect name for your child who drinks directly from tradition but remains fully topical. Celebrate your name day February 19, which is the day of Saint Alvaro.

If you read this article on February 19, we have a message for all Álvaros: congratulations! This is the date on which Santo Álvaro is celebrated in honor of Saint Álvaro of Córdoba. He was born in the 14th century, in Zamora (Spain) and, after spending part of his life in Córdoba (Spain), he died there in 1430. In fact, it is the day of his death, February 19, which gives rise to your holiday.

San Álvaro preached in the Order of Preachers. After his trip to the Holy Land, visiting the places where Jesus lived and suffered, he founded the Scala Coeli Convent. From there, he preached and studied theology. Such was his fame and veneration that the Pope of the moment, Martin V, appointed him the superior of all the convents of his order in Spain.

Although February 19 is one of the dates most celebrated by children named Álvaro, the saints dedicate other days to other saints who bear this name as well. This is the case, for example, of San Álvaro Pelagio on November 29 or May 12, Blessed Álvaro del Portillo.

Let's get to know some of the most surprising curiosities of this beautiful name for boys!

1. Not too common, but not rare
Do you know many babies named Álvaro? Sure you have heard of some, but the number is not very large either. And, although this name is known and not surprising, it is not too 'exploited' or overused. Since it still keeps that essential that makes it so special, there are many parents who have been using it to call their children for decades.

2. Where does Álvaro come from?
Álvaro's name comes to us directly from the Middle Ages, a time when it was very frequent. You just have to see the large number of Álvarez surnames that we found. Because, did you know that Álvarez means 'son of Álvaro'? It is a name that was forgotten for a while, in recent years Álvaro's popularity has increased to become one of the most frequent names.

3. Álvaro's variants
To this day, none of Álvaro's variants is used very frequently, although the name Alvar was common in the Middle Ages. There are also no diminutives that predominate in this name, although the most widespread could be Varo. In a loving way they can be called Alvarín or Alvarito. The female version of this name, Álvara, is also very rare.

4. Álvaro in other languages
Although they are not as common as our Álvaro, we can translate this name into other languages. For example, in English it corresponds to Avery; in French, with Aubry; in German, with Albrecht; in Italian, with Alvaro; in Portuguese it is also Álvaro ...

5. Famous people with this name
As we say, Álvaro was a particularly popular name in the Middle Ages, which is why we find many historical figures from that time who bear the name of your son. Such is the case of Álvaro Álvarez, of Álvar Fáñez, who was the Cid's cousin, or the Castilian nobleman Álvaro Pérez de Castro. Although the best known was the Constable Álvaro de Luna, who is mentioned in many literary works.

6. Compound names with Álvaro
Can Álvaro be used to make a nice compound name? Of course! There are many options: José Álvaro, Álvaro Miguel, Luis Álvaro, Álvaro María ...

Do you know what number corresponds to Álvaro's name? To find out, we turn to numerology. We must add the figures that correspond to each of the letters in this name. It would be something like A (1), L (3), V (4), A (1), R (9), O (6). The sum of these numbers gives 24 and, adding 2 and 4, we have Álvaro's number is 6.

Numerology explains that, given their number 6, children named Álvaro tend to be very resourceful. It's funny how, from the time they are very young, they show how to deal with all the problems that come their way.

The name Álvaro implies a restless, curious and independent character. With a great personality, Álvaro stays up in difficulties and excels in his capacity to serve others. He is also a sensitive and emotional person, very accommodating and seductive, which means that he can always count on his friends. At work Álvaro is hard-working and persevering, in addition to having great intuition.

If you have come to this article thinking that you would like to call your little one Álvaro, wait a minute! Before choosing the decisive name, take into account other similar names, which also have a very beautiful meaning, and that you might love. Evaluate the following options well before discarding them definitively, because among these names for boys you could also find your winner.

To help you, below we have compiled the origin and meaning of other names for boys that also begin with A.

  • Alberto. This is a name for boys with a lot of punch. It comes from German and means 'illustrious'.
  • Anton. A short and powerful name! Antón is a variant of Antonio. His saint's day is January 17 ... the day of the animals! And it is that, San Antonio Abad or San Antón is the patron of all animals.
  • Agustin. This is a traditional name that you could also use to call your son. It comes from Latin and means 'sacred'.
  • Alan. Alan is one of the fashionable names among children today. Sounds exotic, right? Its origin is German and means 'harmony'. You like?
  • Antonio. Antonio is a Latin name that has triumphed, in all its forms, in countries on all continents. It refers to one of the most famous families of the Roman period. It is a perfect name if you like compound names.
  • Amador. This name may sound like times past, but the truth is that its meaning couldn't be more beautiful. And, as you may have already imagined, it is a name directly related to love. What more could you ask of a name! His saints are on May 1.

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