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The bunnies who did not know how to respect. Kid stories

The bunnies who did not know how to respect. Kid stories

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Stories are fantastic transmitters of values. We can use them to work on a certain value with children, such as, in this case, that we propose a story that talks aboutThe value of respect. In this children's story, 'Bunnies don't know how to respect'Your children will realize that disrespect and teasing others can cause indelible wounds.

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit named Serapio. He lived at the top of a mountain with his granddaughters Serafina and Sephora. Serapio was a good and very respectful rabbit with all the mountain animals and for that reason they appreciated him very much. But her granddaughters were different: they did not know what respect was to others.

Serapio always apologized for what they did. Every time they went out for a walk, Serafina scoffed: 'But look how ugly that sheep is. And look at the bull's nose. ' 'Yes, look how ugly they are', replied Zippora in front of the other animals. And that's how they spent bothering others, every day.

One day, when the grandfather was tired of the misbehavior of his granddaughters (who, no matter how much he taught them, they did not correct themselves), he came up with something to make them understand and said: 'We are going to play a game where each will have a notebook. At they will write the word apologies, every time someone is disrespectful. The one who writes the least that word will win. '

'It's okay grandpa, let's play,' they replied at the same time. When Zippora disrespected someone, Serafina reminded them of the game and made them write the word apologies in her notebook (because then Zippora would have more words and lose the game).

In the same way, Sephora reminded Serafina when she disrespected someone. Days passed and fed up with writing, the two began to talk: 'Wouldn't it be better if we no longer disrespect people? That way it would no longer be necessary to apologize. '

The time has come when Serapio had to congratulate both of them because they no longer had complaints from the neighbors. He asked the bunnies to erase little by little everything written until their notebooks were as good as new.

The bunnies felt very sad because they saw that it was impossible for the sheets of the notebook to remain as before. They told their grandfather about it and he told them: 'The heart of a person we disrespect remains in the same way. It is marked and no matter how much we apologize, the footprints are not completely erased. So remember, we must respect others just as we would like them to respect us. '

Story sent by Decxy Araque, Venezuela

In addition to talking about the value of respect, with this story you can take advantage of to work on one of the skills that children must acquire throughout their time at school. We refer to reading comprehension. And, as detailed in the study carried out by Juan Gómez Palomino, from the National University of the Altiplano of Peru, and published in the journal Comuniaccion, a good reading comprehension on the part of the students is vital for the language class, but it also influences other fields such as mathematics, science and environment or religious training.

That is why we propose some reading comprehension exercises below. In addition, we have included some other questions that will make your children reflect on this important value in their education, respect.

1. Answer 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if it is false.

- Serapio was the father of Serafina and Sefora.

- The bunnies learned that apologizing solves everything and therefore it is not important to learn to respect.

- In this story it is said that we should only respect our parents and teachers.

- Finally, the bunnies realize that the wounds caused by teasing are not completely erased.

2. Describe the characters with adjectives according to what you have read in the story.

- Serapio.

- Serafina and Sephora.

3. What does'respect to others'?

4. Remember a time when you felt that someone disrespected you (it could be a time when someone made fun of you for something). How did you feel at that moment?

5. Underline the words that you do not know in the text, look them up in a dictionary and try to use them when you talk with your parents and teachers.

In addition to reading the story of 'The bunnies who did not know how to respect', taking into account the following tips will help you to make your children more respectful.

- Educate by example
Although many times we do not realize it, children are always watching us. We become a role model that helps them know which behaviors are right and which ones are wrong. Hence, the importance of being aware of our actions and educating through example. If we are not respectful, we cannot expect our children to be. That includes respecting children if we want them to respect us.

- Talk to children about different cultures
When it comes to educating the little ones to respect diversity, it is important that we convey to them that there are many people, in other countries, with different traits from ours or with different customs. Making your own world map and researching the countries of the world can be a very interesting and fun exercise for the little ones.

- Teach your children to ask for forgiveness
Sometimes we make mistakes (often unintentionally) and we hurt the people around us or cause some inconvenience. At that moment, we must ask forgiveness for what we have done wrong. So that children know in which situations to apologize, we must also do it when we make mistakes.

- 'Please thanks'...
These are words that have to be in our vocabulary. In this way, little by little children will begin to use them and incorporate them into their day to day life.

- Respect their decisions and opinions
Children, although they are small, also have their opinion and we have to respect it. Therefore, we must listen to what they have to say and respond to them in a sincere and clear way.

- Work on empathy with children
Thanks to empathy, children will learn to be more respectful. We must teach them to put themselves in the shoes of the other and understand why they feel that way.

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