Children's good resolutions for the new year

Children's good resolutions for the new year

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Nothing better than a new year to encourage our children to make a list of small resolutions, as a challenge for the new year. Setting goals will make them feel strong, happy and eager to make their goals come true and thus we will be preparing and educating them in effort and commitment, in perseverance and in other values ​​so important for their growth.

When the year is about to end, we all take stock of what we have experienced during these 365 days and see those things that we have accomplished or that have remained unrealized. Everyone, children and adults, when December 31 arrives, we start to think about the number of things that we are going to carry out in the next 12 months. The illusion is great and the desire to start, older!

But for next year, around this time, we can finally cross out all of our goals, it would be good if, in the family, the parents were also involved in the task of establishing resolutions and goals for the new year and, above all, that they transmitted to the little ones that you have to finish everything you start. How to do it? We tell you some ideas that can help you!

1. It is important that the list of purposes is contemplated to finish everything that is started. A requirement to encourage persistence and to nurture children's self-esteem when they are able to complete tasks.

2. Everyone should be aware that a new year is a good setting to start a new life. Before starting it, it would be nice if you will talk about all the good and the bad that have happened to you in the year that ends, because from all this you can get a positive experience.

3. Learn from mistakes. One of your goals may be not to repeat the bad experiences you have had in the year that is ending.

4. Encourage children to always look ahead. That everything can be changed for the better.

5. Although we think that there is a lot of time ahead of us, we must take into account each one's time. It's okay to dream, but you also have to be consistent and, above all, realistic.

6. How many purposes do you get on your list? maybe you should make a selection or divide them by categories: priority, secondary ... In case you don't have time to complete them all.

7. As you fulfill them, you can cross them off, so you will see your progress and it will motivate you to continue with your personal or family challenges.

8. The purpose list cannot be lost on the bottom of the desk or table. They have to be in a visible place for you and for the rest.

9. And finally, congratulate yourself or congratulate your little one when he has reached one of his goals. It will give you strength to continue with your list.

Each child has its development and, therefore, the purposes are different in intensity, depending on the age of the children. And you can't ask the same thing from a three-year-old child as from a 9-year-old. If you want to know what you can 'demand' of each of them, take note!

For children 2 to 3 years old

- Wash hands before each meal and when they get home from the park.

- Share toys with their siblings or with other children.

- Remove the diapers of the day. At night, we can have more patience!

- Remove the pacifier before the end of nursery school.

- Learn to eat some foods such as yogurts alone.

For children 4 to 5 years old

- Collect and organize toys in the dining room and in your room.

- Brush your teeth after meals.

- Eat all the dishes on the table alone.

- Be able to dress themselves.

- Help parents to set the table.

For children 6 to 8 years

- Make the bed every day.

- Accompany the parents to the purchase and give them a hand to place everything.

- Help with housework: sweeping or vacuuming, putting in the dishwasher.

- Practice any sport.

- Start, little by little, to bathe alone.

- Eating well, not watching television so much, not being at the computer so much, wearing a seat belt in the car ...

For children from 9 to 11 years old

- Do homework alone and without the help of mom and dad.

- Work and strive to get good grades.

- As in the previous stage, help with housework: take the pet for a walk, prepare some food (perhaps heat the milk for breakfast ...)

- Take care of younger siblings, if any.

- Improve oral expression and, of course, not swear.

This new year is going to be for you and yours. Therefore, in addition to the challenges that you have set yourself individually (exercise more, lose weight, study a language ...), from We want to throw you some family challenges so that you can strengthen the bonds with your loved ones.

- Express what you feel
Kiss, hold hands, hug ... This year it's time to say everything you feel and express emotions, whether they are good or not.

- Disconnect from the digital world
When you get home at night from work and on weekends, cell phone and electronics turned off! The time to be present and be with the family.

- Organize excursions
We have to go out more to continue writing in our memory diary. An alternative to bet on this new year is the countryside, since contact with nature allows us to relax and reduce stress. In addition, it recharges us with positive energy.

- Keep calm
Tantrums don't disappear overnight, nor do they go away when the clock strikes 12:01. It is a gradual process that is very painful for both parties, parents and children. The child does not know how to control his anger and that is why he reacts like that, but his goal is not to annoy you. Remember it and before the next tantrum, relax!

- Propose family reunions
The maternal grandmother, cousins, godparents ... They all play an important role in the development of your children, so over the next few months we encourage you to encourage encounters with them. Your little ones will thank you!

Happy New Year to all!

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