Teaches children to differentiate what they need from what they want

Teaches children to differentiate what they need from what they want

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There are many cases in which consumerism becomes a problem within the family. When this happens, what should be done? Sometimes consumerism goes far beyond what we are imagining. If you don't want to fall into their trap, you must show children the differences between what they need and what they want.

Consumerism leads us to neglect things as necessary and important as the daily diet or studies. In the case of the first point, it makes us, 'for a day', change some tasty lentils for a pizza. And we also do it because making a spoon dish takes time and dedication.

But it also involves a certain effort and when we stop doing it and go to that fast culture of fast-food, what consequences does this attitude have on children? At first they will be delighted, but in the medium and short term, in addition to not providing them with a benefit to their health and causing them problems of obesity and malnutrition, we will not be educating them in the effort either.

Studies is the second facet in which consumerism can do a lot of damage. Parents must work on persistence and effort and not fall for the idea of ​​immediate reinforcement. And the same goes for sports. If the child is valid for a specific physical activity, he must make an effort, he must practice, he must train and not abandon the first change. If you want to do something, you have to make an effort to achieve it!

This situation that I am going to relate to you below is a clear example of a child who is blinded by consumerism. We went to the movies and had some popcorn, a fantastic family plan! But it turns out that this is not all for the kid, and it is that he gets angry because after the movie the parents decided to go home instead of going to dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Undoubtedly, a behavior that is alarming us that the child has been infected by the fever of consumerism. How do you know if our son suffers it too? Pay attention to the following points!

- When we see that children they become tyrants.

- When they don't enjoy having it.

- When they demand more and more.

A clarification must be made, and it is that the first to distinguish it are the oldest. We must never forget that children learn by imitation and we are his best example. The mirror in which they look at themselves. What do you want me to see?

Yes, it is true that we need to cover a minimum of basic needs (clothes, food, studies ...) but the rest are things that we want or want, so it is best to teach children, on the one hand, to thank and give thanks and, on the other, we must make them aware of what they have and learn to enjoy the good times.

Do not get carried away by society and fashion, that they are becoming faster and more ephemeral, and that they employ the strategy of making us believe that we need something, when we do not. How many times have your children come to your house telling you that they need a specific brand of sneakers because their classmates have them?

This is very dangerous, especially in adolescence, because it is a stage in which, because they feel 'integrated into a group', children do what others do. I have to have what others have! And this is not so, that's why It is so important to work with children the concepts of 'what they need' or 'what they want' within the family.

If we elevate 'those sneakers' to a category of necessity and our son doesn't have them. What is going to happen? He will be irascible, be angry all day and in a very bad mood.We must focus on what we want and the values ​​for which we would like our children to remember us and that, in turn, are the values ​​that accompany them on the path of life.

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