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Day of saint Francisco Javier, December 3. Names for boys

Day of saint Francisco Javier, December 3. Names for boys

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Francisco Javier is a compound name for boy that evokes a self-confident, thoughtful and highly emotional person. While Francisco originates from a German name that refers to the Franks and, therefore, to 'free men', Javier is a Basque name that means 'new house'.Celebrate your name day on December 3, which is the day of San Francisco Javier, a famous Navarrese missionary of the 16th century.

Being a compound name the possibilities for your baby are many. The multiple versions of Francisco, some as attractive as the Catalan name Cesc, the french name Francis and English Frank, of which the mythical singer Frank Sinatra immediately comes to mind. And to take into account they are also his feminine Fani, Francine and French.

For its part, the meaning of the name Javier, which indicates a person of great loyalty, finds other forms in his spelling such as Xavier or Xabier. In any case, Francisco Javier is always a good alternative for the child to choose his preferred variant of his name depending on the personality he is acquiring, without ruling out the affectionate diminutives that both proper names adopt as Paco and Fran for Francisco and Javi for Javier.

Throughout history, you can find countless historical figures who bear the name of your son. Politicians, soldiers, lawyers, scientists, athletes or musicians carried the name of Francisco Javier. And today we can play name combinations by joining the film director Francis Ford Coppola and the Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

There are many localities that use one or the other of these names. The best known, without a doubt is the Californian city of San Francisco, in United States. But there is also a municipality on the island of Formentera called San Francisco Javier, as well as a neighborhood in Granada, both in Spain. And of course, you can not miss the Navarrese town of San Javier, in Spain, where the castle that belonged to Saint Francisco Javier is located.

Do you want to know what other saints are celebrated on December 3? And, discover the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their name day in the month of December? For the first question, take a look at the list below, and for the saints of the last month of the year, take a look at the image above.

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  • Santa Hilaria
  • Saint Jason
  • Saint Lucius hermit
  • Santa Magina
  • Saint Mirocles
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If Francisco Javier is the definitive name that you have selected for your baby, we are going to tell you below what numerology says, the science that studies numbers, about your child. Each letter of our name, keeps a digit. We just have to add them all until we have only one left. Do you know which is the one that will rule your little one's life? The 9! And these are the traits, positive and negative, that will link you the most to it.

- The good
This number is associated with smart children. They have a great facility for assuming concepts and that will help them a lot when they go through courses at school. They are aware that they have that ability and can be overly trusted at times. You will have to be there to keep your feet on the ground and get the most out of this feature.

- The bad
They are children very admired by their peers, as they always stand out in the classroom. Sometimes this circumstance can make them appear a little arrogant and unfriendly, when they really are very generous and sociable people.

Why do some parents choose a compound name for their little ones? Why do others go for a short name? It all depends a lot on tastes and family traditions, but here we give you three powerful reasons to choose two names for your baby:

- It is a unique name
There are no rules here when choosing the name. You can combine the two names you want and turn out something totally different.

- Avoid arguments
If your husband wants to name your son Alejandro, because that's what his grandfather was called, and you Angel, because he was your father's, let's not talk anymore! You can put the two together and conflicts are over.

- They bring style
Being original names, they usually give the child a great personality. And, saying it out loud, he has a lot of popularity. Everyone will look for you when someone hears your name!

If after the reasons we have given you, you are clear that you like compound names, but Francisco Javier's is still not convincing you, don't worry! Maybe some of the following options you will love:

- Juan Jose
We find two names of great biblical tradition, since they are two important characters in the New Testament: Saint John the Evangelist, the favorite apostle of Jesus, and Joseph, the father of the child Jesus. If you like biblical names, this is undoubtedly designed for you.

- Luis Armando
The first is a name of Germanic origin that means 'illustrious warrior' (by the way, very popular in France, where several kings took it proudly) and the second, 'the one who is a warrior', so this proposal is perfect for children who from that are in mom's tummy have been fighting.

- Dylan Abel
Here two totally opposite names are added and hence its appeal. Dylan, of Anglo-Saxon origin, means 'son of the sea', and Abel, of Hebrew origin, 'light or soft breath'. A contrast between the modern and the traditional that is gaining more and more followers.

- Jose Pablo
It is a very popular combination and widespread in all Spanish-speaking countries. And it is that the sum of a Hebrew name (Jose) with one of Latin origin (Pablo) is always a sign of success. You dare?

- Charles Albert
Both Carlos and Alberto are the names that, separately, already have a great personality, so imagine if we put them together. Total! And we will tell you two curiosities: the origin of both is in Germany and it is one of the most widespread compound names in Venezuela.

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