Being a working woman and a mother ... and not having to choose

Being a working woman and a mother ... and not having to choose

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One of those days I read an outburst from a friend who said: ‘It doesn't give me life… but of course, I want to live a thousand lives: woman, mother, wife, daughter, dog owner, friend, athlete, driver, psychologist, image consultant, nurse, teacher, cook, secretary… Well, how is life going to give me? 'And I thought: How do I understand it!

What's more, how we women understand it who, in the attempt to be good professionals and fight to keep our job, still do everything to fulfill our domestic tasks, as mothers and as women, and get A's for it! I'm sure his words don't sound strange to any woman. We've all felt overwhelmed and heavy at some point, right?

Happily, every time they are more women entering the labor marketWhether it is to carry out tasks for which they have been trained, to seek an additional income for the family, or simply to feel useful. Unfortunately, society does not support or support his decision. In many countries, women continue to have only 4 months of maternity leave, earn less than men in companies, and are also "forced" to work much more to safeguard their job. Studies show that many companies demand much more from women than from men.

The inequalities between the sexesBoth in the workplace and at home, they continue to be an obstacle for a woman to keep her job. The majority are still women who, to reconcile their work tasks with that of the home, opt for a part-time shift. There are still the majority of women who, although working full-time, have to take full charge of taking care of the children, of housework, whether or not they have a partner. And yet the guilt for not staying with the children and feeling that they are abandoning them, consume them. On the one hand the woman wants to do her job and on the other to feel that her children are fine. In the end, many end up having to choose between motherhood and work.

As a director of a company, I can tell you that it is a shame that companies are losing so much female talent. Apart from all the tasks that they can develop, women bring important values ​​such as responsibility, creativity, fidelity, loyalty, maturity ... to the work environment. She just needs to feel supported and understood, both at home and at work. In this way, it will be easier and more coherent for her to celebrate March 8, the Working Women's DayDon't you think

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