The child after hospitalization

The child after hospitalization

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When the child returns home after spending many days in the hospital, it is a joy to all. But handling this situation also requires work and patience. It is normal for your child's character and mood to be altered. You are sure to be happier when you return home, but it will take time to get used to old habits again.

It will feel a bit confusing, and it may have other types of changes that you should consider:

- Their appetite habits will change. You may no longer feel like eating what you used to like

- Alteration in your sleep, in terms of schedules and intensity.

- Adverse reactions to daily activities.

- He will speak or be quiet more or less.

- Will try to attract attention.

- He will be more attached to his mother, father, or the people who take care of him. And it will demand your continued presence.

- Will behave with more intolerance. May have unwarranted tantrums.

- You will be afraid of loneliness, the dark, going to the bathroom alone, etc.

- Some days he may act like a younger child, sucking his fingers, eating with his hands, and babbling. There are cases in which the child can re-wet the bed at night.

- You may be scared by all these changes, but stay calm.

- Think that it is just a stage of readjustment and that soon your child will go back to living in a normal way, as before.

- Remember that everything needs your time and dedication.

- It is advisable that you readjust your child's school routine.

- Let the school know, before your son rejoins, if he is going to need any kind of care or special facilities.

- If their physical appearance has changed, warn and prepare colleagues about it.

- It is important that your child finds everything as he left it, and that everyone supports him.

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