A baby is terrified to see the Chinese shadows that his father makes

A baby is terrified to see the Chinese shadows that his father makes

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There are videos that become viral as soon as you publish them, this is one of them. This is the frightened reaction of a baby when she sees the Chinese shadows that her father makes. The girl does not realize that the shadow she sees on the sidewalk is not a monster, nor a dog that wants to bite her, it is just her father's hand playing 'Chinese shadows'.

The naivety, innocence and ignorance of children causes them to generate fear of things that do not exist. Their imagination is so powerful that they are able to believe that a monster really lives in the closet, that their doll comes to life at night or that when you hold its nose with your hand and show your thumb saying 'I have your nose, I have your nose ', you really took it off.

This naivety is what has brought the poor girl in the video to the brink of terror, who has almost managed one million views in just two days after publication. Her father, playing with her, makes Chinese shadows on the ground imitating a dog or a dinosaur, depending on how you look at it, but she only sees a terrifying monster that opens its mouth to bite her.

When the father realizes that the reaction was the opposite of the desired one, he ran to hug her and stop the joke.

Although this baby reacts with terror to her father's joke, playing shadow theater is not only fun, but it also brings many advantages to children. We have all played to make the shape of a dog on the wall or a jumping bunny, they are traditional games that our parents used to do to us and that we repeat with our children.

This tradition is hundreds of years old, dating back to 2nd century BC China. when Emperor Wu-Ti fell into a great depression after losing his wife. A Taoist priest proposed to make the silhouette of his wife appear and for this he placed the emperor in front of a canvas stretched from two poles and on which shadows of his beloved appeared. When the Wu-Ti discovered the trick by pulling the cloth, he was enraged, but the idea spread, first in Asia and later in the West.

Chinese shadows can also be a great resource for enhance children's learning because:

- Develop your narrative ability and expressive in having to create and tell a story.

- It improves your spatial conception: since you have to move your hands in a certain way and know the volume, the distance, and the shapes.

- Enhance knowledge about your own body and your body language.

- Encourages creativity: since starting from a basic shadow, the child can complicate it, make it move, talk and even fill it with accessories and accessories.

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