Easy origami crafts for kids

Easy origami crafts for kids

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Children's crafts to make with paper


Not only can a paper boat sail the seas, you can also make a fabulous origami sailboat to play water races.

The origami plane is another of the most famous paper crafts, but you have to know how to do it well so that it has a long and placid flight.

To decorate your house at Christmas, Guiainfantil.comHe also proposes that you make this simple and beautiful origami Christmas tree.

We can also make paper crafts to decorate our house at Christmas. A highly recommended and fun figure is this origami Santa Claus.

It is one of the most popular paper crafts, so if you want to learn how to make an origami boat, follow the advice of

Another animal that you can make out of paper is an origami frog. In addition, it is not only used to decorate, the paper frog jumps.

Animals are another option if we want to make paper crafts. An origami butterfly is sure to surprise your children.

We invite you to make an origami heart. It is a very easy and simple craft to do with children, with which they can increase their creativity, skill and concentration.

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