When disobedience is not bad

When disobedience is not bad

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All parents know deep down that children do not disobey when they are young because they make us angry or because they want to oppose us and hurt us, far from it! For example, a two-year-old who ignores his parents when they say something to him, it is not that he does not want to, it is that the parents want, has not formulated the order well.

Or when the child is two or three years old they already understand the orders better, when they are immersed in exploring the world and the parents forbid it but they want to continue exploring, they do not disobey by doing harm, they simply want to follow their instinct of curiosity and learning And this is not bad!

A small child does not have evil as to disobey his parents in such a way that he does it premeditatedly, if he disobeys, he may do it because something inside tells him to keep learning.

They do not always have to be forced to obey, children also have to have their own choices and decisions (even if they are two years old). give them options and guide them on the right path. But guiding is not imposing something against your will.

Disobedience of the child can often be linked to parents do not formulate proposals or orders wellThey may not have enough tolerance to understand your child's needs at the time. And it is that the disobedience of a child, in many occasions is more in the minds of the parents and in how they have established the rules than in reality in the behavior of the young child.

Blind obedience followed by inordinate authority will only make children more disobedient in the future, that they will not understand the norms that are imposed on them and that there will come a time when they will rebel. On the other hand, when children have options, they will be able to make their decisions in the right way, under the guidance of their parents and what is better ... they will be the right decisions.

If you let the children be able to make their decisions regarding their actions and help them to take the right path, you will realize how your children they will grow up with greater self-esteemThey will know how to make decisions in the future and also, they will know how to say "no" when they should, something essential in adolescence.

So I invite you to when you think that your child is disobeying you, instead of recriminating him or letting him do looking to the side, you ask him why he does it and you try to understand. And if his actions are not adequate, you guide him towards the right path with your understanding and support, but if his actions are not excessive only that they do not seem correct to you, ask yourself the following question; Is it really 'bad' behavior? And if your answer is negative, then ... understand their attitude.

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