Carnival costumes for girls

Carnival costumes for girls

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Being a princess for a day or even for an afternoon or a little while is what many girls want when they have to choose a costume.

The ballerina costume is one of the simplest to make. A mesh and a skirt are enough, and that's it.

What better costume for a girl than the fairy or tinkerbell costume? Can't forget about the magic wand.

There is no other costume that gives more wings to the fantasy and imagination of girls than this butterfly.

It is a warm, original and very beautiful flower costume, with which the girls will be very funny, like a flower and its petals.

For this witch costume you only need to dress the girl in black. Now, no witch costume is complete except with a spiky hat.

Feathers and colors command this striking costume. Teach girls an attitude of respect and tolerance towards other cultures with this curious Indian costume.

Original aviator costume. During the carnival the girls like to wear some very original costumes like this one of aviator.

You don't have to be in India to be an Indian dancer. This cheerful and friendly costume gives girls a lot of mobility.

The little red riding hood costume is classic and traditional. The girls will shine with their basket and their red hood.

Who is the girl who has never played at being a doctor or a nurse? Well, in carnival it is one of the most desired costumes for girls.

Doll costumes are very easy to make. Just imagine that the girl is a doll and dress her as such.

It is a very attractive tigress costume that can be complemented with a feline makeup on the part of the girl's face that is visible.

On the farm and pecking at the ground is the hen, if your daughter wants to play this role a little, here you have this fun hen costume.

With this lion costume, girls will feel not only the queens of the jungle, but also imagine and feel like the queen of the house and of the party, be it Carnival or a birthday party.

With this costume, the girls are very funny. The Jesters are characters that in the Medieval Age, entertained the Kings with their performances. They were the first clowns.

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