Different postures of women in childbirth

Different postures of women in childbirth

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Childbirth is the culmination of the pregnancy process and the last step before the arrival of the baby. Today, most women prepare to endure this stage so that they can facilitate the birthThey even have the possibility to choose the ideal position to give birth.

In recent years, new protocols have been included in many hospitals for the future mother to decide the best position in the delivery. Although the most widespread is the so-called 'gynecological', lying on my backThere are others with their advantages and disadvantages that it is advisable to know.

Delivery lying on the spine is the most widespread method of giving birth, because favors medical intervention and it reduces bleeding, but it has been criticized because it reduces the work of the mother and hinders the natural process of childbirth by going against gravity. In addition, in this position the pelvic opening narrows and the blood vessels are pressured, making it difficult for the baby to get oxygen.

Another horizontal delivery option is to stay lying on one side. In this case, the blood vessels are not pressured and normal blood flow is maintained. Although a pro-gravity delivery does not occur, it is a position that favors the rest of the woman in labor and reduces the need for an episiotomy.

Women who give birth in upright positions They favor the natural process of childbirth by having the help of gravity. There are different postures, since mothers choose to stand with their back leaning against a wall or those that are squatting or semi-sitting.

These positions can be disadvantaged in case of epidural anesthesia, as the sensitivity of the legs is weakened, except if the so-called 'walking epidural' is chosen, which does not paralyze from the waist down. On the other hand,promote pelvic tilt and the pressure of the baby's head on the cervix, which is very advantageous for expulsion by reducing the effort in pushing.

One of the traditional options is seated delivery or using the delivery chairs, very popular for centuries around the world. The woman who gives birth while sitting will play with gravity in her favor, while maintaining a resting position and favoring fetal monitoring. On the other hand, delivery chairs have been criticized in some research for a possible relationship with increased bleeding in the mother.

Finally, there is the possibility of giving birth in quadruped position, on all fours. This mechanism, although it does not have the force of gravity, is ideal for women who suffer from back pain or hemorrhoids. In addition, the rotation of the baby is favored and the exit is smoothed, thus reducing the possibility of vaginal tears.

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