Children born with bowel problems

Children born with bowel problems

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Necrotizing enterocolitis is a problem that can affect the intestines of some newborns. Specifically, premature babies (babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy), newborns with low weight, babies with certain heart conditions, with some lung disease or newborns with significant bleeding.

Let's keep one thing in mind: blood is the vehicle through which nutrients and oxygen reach the various organs and systems. This will allow the organ to function properly. Well, in the case of enterocolitis, the access of blood and oxygen to various areas of the small intestine (distal ileum) and large intestine (proximal colon) is compromised. As a result of this poor perfusion of the intestine, there may be a devitalization of the intestine and a secondary generalized infection.

Clinically, the baby with enterocolitis shows nonspecific signs of disease (pale grayish color, some shortness of breath, decreased mobility) along with specific signs and symptoms. (distended abdomen, bloody stool). In turn, it may manifest fever or tenths.

To diagnose this entity, clinical suspicion is important. To substantiate it, it will be done a plain x-ray of the abdomen. In it, a pattern of bread crumbs, gas within the intestinal wall, gas in a vein of the liver called the portal vein, abnormal aeration of the peritoneum, etc. can be observed.

Treatment is easily deductible. If the intestine is compromised, the most reasonable thing is to leave the baby on an absolute diet (You will be nourished through a vein until you feel better), a decompressive nasogastric tube will be placed, and you will be given antibiotics. In the most severe cases, the newborn will undergo surgical treatment.

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