15 million visits on Youtube to Traposo with ‘Estrellita, where are you’

15 million visits on Youtube to Traposo with ‘Estrellita, where are you’

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. he has every reason to celebrate the success of his videos. The videos of our mascot, the ragged bear, they are very popular with babies and children. Proof of this is the children's song ‘Estrellita donde eres’, which has just reached 15 million views on YouTube, since it was published 2 years ago.

'Estrellita, where are you?' Is more than a nursery rhyme, it is a Lullaby classic that has been helping babies fall asleep. Proof of this are the comments made by our subscribers: “I put this song on my baby, I lulled her so she could fall asleep”, “On Sundays it is more difficult for us to put the children to bed since they have the weekend schedule. Raggy Bear helps us with this classic lullaby ... ”,“ I loved it for my 8-month-old grandson ”... bet on videos of children's songs because it proves that they are effective tools to educate, entertain, relax, learn and have fun with children. In addition to being a lot of fun, singing plays a fundamental role in the child's learning process. It enhances their auditory, sensory, motor, social, speech and intellectual development. When a child hears a nursery rhyme, they are much closer to the world of letters and sounds.

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