What Star Wars Teaches Children

What Star Wars Teaches Children

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The power of the star wars saga it's undeniable. It sweeps wherever it goes and seduces young and old. What's more, more and more young children are playing at being Luck, Anakin or Princess Leia. But ... is it really a children's movie? Do they understand what they are seeing?

The normal thing is that children do not end up understanding the fabric of the great family saga of Star Wars. Who is whose teacher ... who is whose son ... but he does transmit a series of values ​​to them. Do you want to know which ones?

The movies of Star wars they convey very clear values. Above all, it separates good from evil, but includes characters who are capable of passing from one side to the other. The protagonists of Star Wars feel fear, hatred, love ... they have doubts, they feel anger. And they also forgive. And they suffer. And they fight for what they think is fair. Children learn with characters capable of expressing basic emotions, emotions that are often very difficult to express. Among many other things, these are the messages that Star Wars transmits to the little ones:

1. Good and evil are separated by a fine line. You will have to learn to reject temptations.

2. Every decision you make has a consequence that affects everyone else.

3. People are afraid and doubt, and that's normal. But keep this in mind: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, and hatred leads to suffering.

4. Never stop chasing a dream. It is achieved with work, effort and perseverance.

5. Nothing is achieved without effort and dedication. And on many occasions, you will need to ask for help.

6. Life is full of surprises. But never break down. Never lose faith. If you lose faith, you lose everything.

7. Friendship is a fundamental value. Lean on friends, especially in difficult times. You can't imagine what a friend could do for you.

8. Loyalty makes people noble.

9. Often Things are not what they seem. Try to use empathy to see beyond what the eyes see. Everything has a meaning and an explanation. Never judge someone without knowing their past.

10. Love is the most powerful force there is, the engine that drives everything.

Star Wars is obviously not a children's movie. It is not intended for them. However, they like it. But before letting you see the seven films in the Star Wars saga, keep in mind that it is an action movie, where there is war, deaths, and above all, characters that convey darkness and fear.

Many children are able to see such a movie without problems. They know how to distinguish between fact and fiction. But for most they will not understand that it is a movie, because they are not yet mature enough. These children, they may have nightmares. For example, the movie The Force Awakens is rated for ages 13 and over.

You decide, of course.

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