Empathy and generosity, the essential values ​​of Christmas

Empathy and generosity, the essential values ​​of Christmas

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What is christmas? Encounters? Souvenirs? Celebration? Gifts? If there is something that characterizes Christmas, it is that it is the moment in which two basic values ​​are rescued that later we tend to forget: empathy and generosity.

Without a doubt, Christmas offers us the opportunity to explain to children what these values ​​mean. Although maybe they already know ...

Can a child feel the loneliness of an adult? Can a child feel empathy? The answer is yes. And empathy is not just a passive feeling without more, it is a stimulus that starts us up, that encourages us to do something to change what we don't like. It is an inner cry that makes you jump and seeks to repair the seemingly irreparable.

The best example is found in the mythical John Lewis Christmas spot. Every year he surprises us with an emotional story that tells of Christmas. Of what Christmas really means. Always, of course, through the eyes of a child. Sometimes the story revolves around friendship. Another, to the family.

In this case, the protagonist is a girl, who discovers by looking at the moon, a lonely and sad old man. The girl feels her sadness and seeks by all means to contact him. She is stubborn, resourceful, and persistent. Patience, creativity and effort make dreams come true.

Empathy, say many experts and great thinkers of all time, is the key to success. If you are able to see what the other needs, you will be able to find the key to success. This applies not only to the material world, but also to the spiritual one. Empathy is the key to wisdom, which is why it is so important to instill it in children. But ... what does empathy contribute to them ?:

- You will know how to listen to others. Not hearing, but listening. You will become a fantastic communicator.

- Will be able to recognize all the feelings in others and therefore in itself. Once you recognize your emotions, it will be easier for you to manage them. This is called emotional intelligence.

- He will know how to speak when he should speak and be quiet when you should be quiet.

- If you are able to understand others, you will have much clearer your objectives.

- Will have greater social skills. A fantastic connection with others.

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