Christmas holidays. Where do we leave the children?

Christmas holidays. Where do we leave the children?

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It is the eternal dilemma of working families. School holidays begin around December 20 and end after Three Kings and in the middle of this long-awaited leisure time the headaches begin for parents, who have to make bobbin lace to go to work in peace and pay double .

And it is that if we cannot count on the grandparents or a close relative who may be with the children, we are forced to hire the services of a caregiver, who must be paid separately to cover the children's leisure hours while we are working.

If this option does not fit into your plans, now is the time to find a place for them in one of the centers, which open their doors at Christmas.

This alternative will not free you from facing extra expenses for vacation days, since nursery schools and colleges have other rates for the provision of this service during non-school days, which optionally includes dining room.

If your children are small, you have an advantage. most of nursery schools do not close, except holidays, and many of them also admit their older brothers during these days.

In this way, children do not have to adjust to a new center or make other friends. Private schools too they keep their doors open at Christmas and children are admitted on a schedule similar to the usual, but with a very different program, dedicated to games, crafts, English workshops and watching movies.

And if your children go to a public or concerted school, the town councils of the different municipalities have launched a plan of open school doors at Christmas. To obtain a place, priority is given to children who attend public schools and, secondly, those who attend centers supported with public funds, that is, subsidized schools.

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