Advantages and disadvantages of the school canteen

Advantages and disadvantages of the school canteen

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One of the priorities of families is infant feeding. It is possible for the child to eat a balanced and healthy diet both at home and at home. school canteen.

The decision is in the hands of each family, but before deciding whether the child is going to go to the school cafeteria or to eat at home, it is better to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of the cafeterias.

- For the peace of mind of all parents, the main advantage that the child stays to eat in the school canteen is that a balanced and varied diet is guaranteed. School cafeterias are protected by strict controls of food safety and the menus are prepared by experts in child nutrition.

- In addition to the variety and quality in the child feeding, school canteens encourage children to eat well or learn to eat everything. When being with other children, the child cannot demand one meal or another as he can at home, but has to adapt to the general menu. Whims and tantrums are solved differently by the dining room staff and over time the child learns to behave at the table.

- School canteens also favor social relationships between children. Although it is a time of rest from homework, the dynamics of the school are not broken and in the dining room hours the children create bonds of friendship that otherwise would not exist. Furthermore, the large number of children eating together in one place requires some discipline and promotes good behavior.

- Once the safety of the food consumed in school canteens has been assured, the main concern is for those parents of children with a food allergy. Generally, school canteens are prepared for this type of eventuality, although each specific case must be notified. But in any case, the tranquility of knowing that your child is not trying foods to which he is allergic is greater at home.

- Another aspect to take into account when taking the child to the school dining room or not is the renunciation of that priceless time that parents spend with their children. While it is true that school canteens promote social relationships between children, at the same time they deprive families of precious time to be together. The benefits of eating as a family are many emotionally and that can be lost if the child stays at school.

- Economically it is less profitable since it supposes an extra expense to the family economy that is not always easy to face, especially when you have several children eating at school.

With pros and cons, with advantages and disadvantages, the school canteen is still another decision that families face when it comes to Give the best to our kids. Although in most cases, whether or not the child goes to the dining room will depend on the work hours or the location of the study center.

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