Relationship between orgasm and conception

Relationship between orgasm and conception

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Can you have sex in pregnancy? Does sexual intercourse speed up a woman's going into labor? Is there a relationship between orgasm and conception? Questions about the sexual aspect are the most normal when there is a child on the way, so knowing their answers helps us to know what to do at this important moment.

When a woman considers getting pregnant, there are many doubts that arise about what will make the moment of conception easier. At sexual sphere There are some postures that favor a woman to become pregnant, such as the missionary, or the one that makes the pelvis stand upright.

It is also recommended that after sexual intercourse, remain lying down to promote pregnancy, as well as the fact that it is also advisable to be with your legs elevated for a few minutes.

Once we are clear about certain concepts of sex when we want to have a child, there is another question regarding this matter: if the woman has an orgasm, is it easier for you to get pregnant, or does it influence you in any way?

The nerve endings that are activated when a woman feels a pleasant orgasm can lead to pregnancy. In addition, the involuntary vaginal contraction that occurs at that time makes it much easier for the sperm to reach their destination to conceive.

In addition, the release of energy that occurs at that time is also a positive aspect for those women who are looking get pregnant, because the vagina also swells at that time and the transit of sperm to the fallopian tubes is favored.

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