Crafts for children. Juggling balls

Crafts for children. Juggling balls

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Juggling is no longer an activity that is only practiced in the circus and among jugglers, it is becoming increasingly fashionable among children. This art of manipulating balls or another object is also a good activity to stimulate children's skills, coordination and balance. has prepared this craft so that, step by step, parents and children can learn how to make juggling ballsof colors so that the children have a fun time trying to keep them in the air and get them to catch them before they fall. It's all a matter of trying. Let's do it!

  • Colored gobos
  • Film paper
  • Rice
  • Pair of scissors

Tips: you can make different shapes and mix colors when placing the balloons

1. We teach you to make sturdy and colorful juggling balls in an inexpensive and very simple way, with balloons.

2- With the help of scissors, cut a square from the plastic wrap.

3- Deposit in the center of the plastic an amount that you think is enough to form a juggling ball. Something like a cup of coffee.

4- Join the four ends of the plastic wrap, being careful so that the rice does not fall, and close them by pressing to form the ball.

5- Make a cut just at the beginning of the spout of the balloon.

6- With what is left of the balloon, line the rice ball carefully so that it does not break.

7- Cover the ball with another balloon, taking care especially so that it covers the hole in the first balloon. The more balloons are coated, the more resistance the ball will have. You can cover the ball with balloons of other colors. They will be more fun.

8- And here you have our juggling balls. Now let's play!

Craft made by Clara Zevallos Cambra.

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