Children's lunch

Children's lunch

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Lunch is that meal that takes place in the middle of the morning and that especially children should not skip. It is a snack which is taken between breakfast and lunch and helps children to replenish their energy waste and not to arrive very hungry at mealtime.

But what should a healthy and balanced lunch look like? In principle, this meal should contain 5 or 10% of the calories that the child eats throughout the day, that is, if the correct thing is to eat around 1,500 calories a day, lunch should contain between 75 and 150.

Children usually make lunch at school and we will not be there to watch if they eat it or simply if they eat it. Therefore, it is important not only to organize your lunch in a healthy way but also attractive and respecting their tastes. We must also take these characteristics into account:

- Lunch should not be made too close to other meals so as not to force digestion or make unbalanced intakes.

- respect food balance, that is, if the child does not eat fruit the rest of the day, take advantage of lunch for it.

- Respect the balance between snacks and lunches and alternate the food groups between them.

- Bear in mind that it is a snack so it is not the time to eat a large diet.

The foods that are recommended to introduce at lunch are:

- Fruit: the ideal is for the child to bring seasonal fruits to school, but if it is difficult for them to eat them, we can substitute them for juices with low sugar content

- Cereals: bars, cookies, bread or flakes

- Dairy products: yogurt, cheese or smoothies

On our site we have selected a series of easy recipes for lunch or a snack at your children's school.

Cereal bars with nuts. For an energetic lunch or snack, try these simple cereal bars with nuts and coconut, you will love them! Step by step recipe of how to make cereal bars with coconut.

Forest fruit yogurt. Yogurt recipe with berries. A very healthy dessert for children and adults. Ideal for a snack, breakfast or as a dessert. our site offers you this recipe, step by step.

Pineapple and orange smoothie. Orange and pineapple smoothie recipe. On hot days, children also suffer the effects of high temperatures. That is why you can follow our recipe for children of pineapple and orange smoothie, a light drink.

Fruit salad. How to make a fruit salad for children. our site offers us a colorful, happy, healthy and refreshing dessert: a tropical fruit salad. Quick and easy recipe.

Turkey and cheese sandwich. Recipe for a very healthy and light sandwich for lunch. This whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs is perfect for children to have a balanced and complete diet.

Cereals with chocolate. Children love chocolate, and now you can give it to them in a healthy and energetic way with this recipe for cereal bars with chocolate chips, so they keep playing non-stop.

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