How to teach colors to a color blind child

How to teach colors to a color blind child

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It may take a while to discover that your child is color blind because the truth is that it is not a serious health problem. However, it is important to take into account their difficulty in distinguish the colors with the objective that it does not interfere with the development of learning or cause self-esteem problems.

Although color blindness has no treatment, it is always possible to teach the child some tricks to know what color each thing is and not feel different from the others. Teaching colors to a color blind child it is difficult but what can be easily achieved is that you remember what color each object is.

Color blindness is a genetic visual problem that makes it difficult to color perceptionIt is generally hereditary and has no possible treatment, but people affected by this ailment live with it completely normally and it does not affect their day-to-day life too much.

It is in childhood when more problems can present color blindness, also called 'color blindness', since the child cannot learn colors like others. The fact that you cannot distinguish certain hues can also cause learning problems if the textbooks are not adapted and require the identification of colors.

Many parents are slow to realize that their child is color blind. Is when the child start coloring when they discover that he may have a problem developing his sense of sight. If the child paints the sky green, for example, it is an indication of color blindness, even if the first impression is that he has an overwhelmed imagination.

The colorblind child will never be able to distinguish colors, but that doesn't mean they don't have to know what color are things. A trick so that the child can color in class like the other children is to place a small poster on each pencil indicating what color it is. The ingenuity of parents and teachers is important so that a child who cannot distinguish colors is not excluded from the normal rhythm of his peers and may have self-esteem problems.

There is also a code to distinguish colors, as a Braille method for reading blind people, which facilitates the integration of color blind children. Is named ColorAdd and it is about the identification of colors by symbols. Five fundamental symbols that allow identifying the three primary colors and also white and black. From there, the symbols are conjugated for the different tones and in this way the child reduces the consequences of the lack of perception in colors.

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