World First Aid Day. Childcare

World First Aid Day. Childcare

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It seems like nothing ever happens until it happens and the accident happens suddenly and by surprise. This performance, in many cases, can save a life over when it comes to young children. On September 12, World First Aid Day is celebrated: protect your baby.

And it is that, according to the DADO survey (Detection of Domestic and Leisure Accidents), carried out by the National Consumer Institute, it is estimated that in Spain there are more than one and a half million domestic accidents or during free time each year.

The main injuries that occur in the home are falls, hits against objects, cuts, burns, poisonings, foreign bodies and suffocation, and most vulnerable groups are children, especially those under 4 years of age, women and the elderly.

If you have ever found yourself in an emergency situation, you will know that your nerves can play a trick on you when you don't know what to do and the minutes seem like hours when we are waiting for the arrival of healthcare. On the other hand, if you know how to act and do some basic things like stop a hemorrhage and apply an antiseptic, if you are able to control that situation, everything changes.

The Red Cross estimates that if 20 percent of the population had knowledge of first aid techniques, it would increase the level of survival in the first moments of an emergency or accident.

Between 39 and 85 percent of deaths that occur within minutes of the accident, are due to problems such as bleeding and airway obstruction, which could have been prevented with simple first aid techniques.

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