How to make your baby more sociable

How to make your baby more sociable

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There are babies that just by looking at them, they open a smile from ear to ear and they even extend their arms for you to hold. On the other hand, there are babies who just by looking at them, touching them, or simply having someone other than their father or mother approach them, they start crying uncontrollably as if the world had ended.

That is what determines the character of each baby, as well as their level of social relationship with others. A personality trait that may or may not change over the years.

I don't need to go far to make comparisons. In our neighborhood, many children grew up together, and they do not have the same behavior. Some are more open, they tell you little things, while others do not reach you or give you a single glance. Over the years, I've noticed that there are parents who don't go out of their way to make their children sociable. There are children, in my urbanization, who only played with their grandparents or with their caregivers. Now, a little older, they cannot play or establish a relationship with other children.

Whether the child is sociable or not will depend on his temperament and the education he receives from his family. The contact of a baby with the environment and other people, should not be limited to your home. It is important that the child also develops contacts outside the home so that he can discover and acquire his own social experiences. The baby that has contact with the external environment, will develop more quickly the senses of smell, hearing, touch, etc. What he sees, touches and smells will give you a lot of information, making his neurological and cognitive systems mature more quickly. This will encourage you, over time, to seek out other children and share some of your time, games, toys, and interests with them.

It is advisable that contact begins with family members, with uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. Little by little, he will feel the need to know what is new and different. The relationship with others and the knowledge of new environments and experiences will help the child to have good self-esteem, more self-confidence and move away from fears of differences.

On the other hand, it will be of no use for parents to encourage their baby's contact with other people if they do not do it themselves. The example and the attitudes are what really teach and educate the little ones. Promote family gatherings, also with friends who have children, change whenever you can the way you take your baby for a walk, take him to the park, to birthdays ... Many parents choose to leave the baby for a few hours in a nursery because they believe that it is a very conducive environment for contact with other babies. I did it with my daughter and I think it's a good idea.

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