How is the middle son

How is the middle son

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In families with 3 children they will have the oldest child, the youngest child and of course, the 'middle child' or the 'middle child'. Each one will have its own characteristics and each one will have its peculiarities depending on where it is located on the birth ladder.

The brothers in the middle will always be looking for their place, because it is not easy to compete with the older or more responsible or with the little brother, whom everyone adores.

The middle brother was the spoiled until the little brother arrived, and he might feel some jealousy or of him, but also some rivalry with the older brother. As parents, it is your duty that all siblings have their place in the family and that they should not feel any kind of negative feelings, since feeling envy or rivalry between siblings could harm a good relationship.

It is also true that some children who are in the middle do not feel that they are special because they are not first or last, they feel that they are simply 'the middle ones'. But there are certainly many special things since they will have the older brother to learn from their experience and their younger brother to play or to be the guide brothers for the little ones themselves.

Halflings can also be second siblings, that is, those who are in second position at the birth of the family when there are more than three siblings. But what are these brothers like? What characteristics do they usually have?

At times, they may feel that they lose the attention of their parents or close relatives because of their position, so:

- They may misbehave to get more attention. It is a negative way of wanting to be cared for.

- They can try to get away with doing as little work as possible.

- Although he does not show it because of his behavior, he wants to spend more time with the family.

- In adolescence you will feel misunderstood and want to spend more time with friends than with family.

- They will be more independent than the rest of their siblings from their parents.

- They will have great creative capacity.

- They will know how to put peace between the brothers when they fight.

Being the 'middle' brother is not an easy task, or at least in development they feel that way. But the reality is that being the middle brother is special since he can always be accompanied and will have his older and younger brother in close age, so when they grow up they will be able to have a beautiful relationship ... something that must be taken care of from earliest childhood.

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