Benefits of yogurt for pregnant women

Benefits of yogurt for pregnant women

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When we are pregnant, many questions about the health of the future baby have to do with the feeding of the mother. Eating certain foods may be prohibited during pregnancy, but there are also other things that we can and even must eat so that our baby grows healthy and strong. And one of these foods is yogurts.

Just as they are good in childhood and throughout life, eating yogurts when we are pregnant is something of the most beneficial for the body of the mother and the child. Their nutritional values ​​and the presence of calcium make yogurts the ideal snack for women. pregnants, they can also eat it for breakfast or even dinner.

In addition, it is very good for those women who do not tolerate milk on a regular basis, and has many positive aspects among which are the prevention of colds or constipated, or the containment of calcium and nutrients, essential for the future mother.

- Prevents colds: Many pregnant women suffer from colds or constipation on a regular basis while they are waiting for their baby, and eating yogurts can make them much milder or even help prevent them altogether.

- Calcium and its nutritional values: the most important value of a yogurt is its calcium levels. These are essential for the development of the bones of the mother and baby. Also, this helps your digestive tolerance to be greater.

- Helps against constipation: Many pregnant women suffer constipation during pregnancy, and the intake of yogurt contributes to its prevention, because it helps intestinal transit.

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