How is the little son

How is the little son

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The little sibling is often the one who is 'always growing' or the one who is 'not old enough', a feeling that if not handled carefully can create a certain level of frustration in the younger children in a family.

Little siblings are the last to arrive in a family and it seems that you always have to learn something new from others, that you have to accept what is already established.

Being the little brother is having to use things that the older siblings have used before, such as toys or clothes, but it is also being the center of attention of the family, who you have to take care of more and pay more attention ... sometimes too they can become the 'darling' of the family.

Being the little brother, he will always have older brothers and he will be able to know the richness of having siblings and all the benefits that that entails. Young siblings will be fortunate to improve their social and communication skills in a faster way, they will improve their social skills and they will be able to learn faster thanks to the example not only of their parents but also of their older siblings.

- He will trust his older siblings almost like his parents to learn things in life, and they will also fight often to find 'his place'.

- They may feel that they can never be the same as older siblings because they will always be 'the little ones in the house'.

- You will want to build your own path and this can cause times of rebellion and wanting to break the rules to fight against the established.

- Immediate care can be a problem so it is necessary for parents to work well distributed care among all the siblings in the house.

- He will be the youngest of the house but he will receive great love and affection from the older siblings, something that will make him feel good and always covered.

- You will never feel alone.

A little brother can be very happy within the family nucleus but it will be important that parents never compare him with other siblings and know that even the little one has and will always have his own idiosyncrasies. You will need independence and autonomy, something that will have to be promoted from a very young age.

It is also important that you know the benefits of being the younger brother and the role he has within the family, as well as the obligations and everything that is expected of him. Being the younger brother does not mean that he is less than the rest of the siblings or that he is less capable.

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