The wolf and the crane. Aesop's Fable for Children

The wolf and the crane. Aesop's Fable for Children

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Fables are short and brief literary narratives, usually in verse, that always end with a teaching message or an instructive moral. His characters are almost always animals or fictional objects. Fables are a good way to entertain and educate children.

The fables of Aesop, one of the most popular authors, contain valuable knowledge for the education of children in the form of morals that transmit values ​​such as caution, friendship or courage.

A wolf eating a bone choked the bone in its throat, and ran everywhere for help.

He found a crane in his running and asked him to save him from that situation, and that he would immediately pay him for it. He accepted the crane and thrust his head into the wolf's mouth, pulling the bone through his throat. He then requested the cancellation of the agreed payment.

- Hey friend - said the wolf - Don't you think it is enough to pay to have your head safely out of my mouth?

Moral: Never do favors to evildoers, traffickers or corrupt people, because you would have a lot of pay if they leave you safe and sound.

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