The baby must forget the pacifier before three years

The baby must forget the pacifier before three years

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How I can remove the pacifier my baby without realizing it or without the removal of the pacifier being a trauma for him? When I asked myself this question, I knew that the best way was for my baby to decide to do without the pacifier himself, but since it is difficult for children, if this does not occur, parents must take action on the matter so that our children can Forget the pacifier before the pacifier has a negative impact on children.

And it is that the pacifier has its function and numerous benefits on the first stage of development of the baby, since in addition to calming him, some studies have revealed that it prevents the sudden death of the infant. Just as, on the one hand, the pacifier should not be offered too early, until breastfeeding is well established, that is, from a month or a month and a half after birth, it should not be withdrawn too late, that is, more beyond 3 years of age.

Newborns are born with the sucking reflex that helps them latch onto the breast nipple to feed. Thanks to this sucking reflex, when you have established good breastfeeding habits, the pacifier calms and reassures the baby and does not create any difficulties in its development in the short term.

After the year or a year and a half, the natural need to suck of children decreases, as they gain autonomy and independence. At this stage, babies go through an intense process of evolution towards higher development, they are more active in general, but the pacifier continues to be a tool that helps them relax. For this reason, continued use of the pacifier creates a habit and the more they use it the more they want it. It is recommended that from the year and a half, babies start using the pacifier only to sleep, for example, and parents can "forget about it" on occasions, to get the baby used to spending moments without his pacifier.

The negative impact that the pacifier can have on children manifests itself around 3 or 4 years. The continued use of the pacifier can lead to malformations in the palate and teeth due to its use, although this impact is less when children use a pacifier than in those who use the finger, since the thumb also exerts a force on the palate, which the pacifier does not exert. For this reason, it is very important that when abandoning the pacifier, the baby does not try to replace it with the finger, since we can remove the pacifier, but the finger cannot.

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