We must demand more respect for breastfeeding

We must demand more respect for breastfeeding

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It seems incredible, especially in the times we live in, that there is still so much pressure against breastfeeding. I am referring to the lack of respect and support that many mothers suffer for the simple fact of having to breastfeed their baby in public. How can anyone turn such a natural and necessary act as breastfeeding into an obscene act?

Breastfeeding is not only good for the health of the baby and its mother, as it is a right that deserves respect and consideration. When a mother breastfeeds her baby in public, she does not do so with any intention other than to feed her, since during the lactation period the baby must be breastfed every two or three hours. The lack of information makes many people look with censorious eyes when a mother breastfeeds her baby in public.

Every year, in the first week of August, theWorld Breastfeeding Week. Normally it coincides with this week that some groups of Spanish mothers participate in a public 'tetada', in order to claim this practice and protest against social pressure against breastfeeding.

The group of mothers in favor of breastfeeding grows and believes that all this happens because of the little information there is on the subject. Milk is a free, ecological and very nutritious food for babies. Also now, in times of crisis, there is an increase in the number of mothers who choose to breastfeed. In some households, breast milk is the only way to guarantee a safe and adequate feeding for the baby.

Have you ever thought that breast milk does not need energy or materials, or production, packaging, or conservation for consumption? Apart from that, breastfeeding contributes to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, gender equality, the reduction of infant mortality and the improvement of maternal health. If everyone knew about it, maybe instead of censoring, they would give more emotional support to mothers who are feeding their babies.

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