Candidiasis An infection in the mouth

Candidiasis An infection in the mouth

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The candidiasis It is an infection that affects the oral mucosa (thrush), producing whitish lesions similar to semolina grains. It can also affect the diaper area.

Thrush is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans, which lives in the mouth and is usually kept at bay by healthy organisms that also live there. However, when resistance to infection is low, the fungus can grow, leading to lesions on the mouth and tongue.

The mushroom Candida albicans, which is very widespread in nature, can lodge in the nipples of the bottles and infect the baby. Another form of infection is usually during the passage through the birth canal, if the mother suffered from candidal vaginitis.

There are also circumstances that can reduce resistance to infection and increase the chances of developing oral yeast infection:

  • Taking antibiotics or using steroid medications.
  • Have HIV infection or AIDS.
  • Receive chemotherapy for cancer or immunosuppressive drugs after an organ transplant.
  • Having diabetes

Thrush is commonly seen in babies and is not considered abnormal unless it lasts for more than two weeks. The Candida albicans it can also cause yeast infection in girls' vagina.

In the event that the mother suffers from candidal vaginitis, the child should be treated immediately after birth with an antifungal. Lesions on the mouth and buttocks usually disappear with typical solutions of gentian violet.

Oral thrush in babies can be painful, but it is rarely serious. Due to the discomfort, it can interfere with the feeding process, and if it does not resolve spontaneously within two weeks, the pediatrician should be called.

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