Parents and teachers, allies or enemies?

Parents and teachers, allies or enemies?

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Since my children entered school age, in each class meeting, of the APA or in conversations between parents after school, I listen to the problems and crossed reproaches between the educational institution and the family. Until a few years ago parents and teachers were allies, and today they are on opposite sides.

In the past, when a child misbehaved at school, parents sided with the teacher and, if they saw fit, doubled the punishment. Instead, now, we know that some teachers have felt threatenedwhen the father shows up at school to complain about the sanction that has been imposed on the child, especially when it comes to temporary expulsions that can interfere with their long working hours.

It is true that parents have to face hard and long days of work on a daily basis and that, with the crisis, we are so dependent on the mortgage that we forget to impose a clear and rational order at home, which in the opinion of educators and psychologists, has serious consequences on education of the children.

And it is that, on the one hand, many have refused to establish at home the authoritarian model under which they were educated, but have not been able to find a new one either. And on the other, the absence from home creates a pressing feeling of guilt, which we try to compensate with concessions, pampering and material compensation of all kinds, which ends up forging cuddly and immature children and adolescents.

Educational institutions defend that the task of educating is not their job, that is what the family is for and that the school must collaborate, but the responsibility lies with the parents. And it is precisely at this point where the conflict arises, which also feeds on a harsh social climate: schools intend to focus more on vocational training and less on personal training, because important traditional values ​​such as effort, demand and training are being lost. respect.

But the most terrible thing is the discredit of the knowledge that it is affecting the school and the university. That ideal of study, hard work and reward no longer works today. Partly because easy-enrichment models are being implemented and because the future looks very dark. Before, if someone sacrificed and he was studying, he knew that the degree obtained would help him to live better than with a trade. Today it is possible that a graduate with a master and a second language do not have your future assured, and that does not stimulate anyone.

Marisol New

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