Babies can't breathe through their mouth

Babies can't breathe through their mouth

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The first time I saw my 5 month old baby plunge into a pool and float like he had done all his life, I was blown away. The swimming instructor explained to us that babies have theapnea reflex from birth to 8 or 9 months of life, which consists of closing the glottis, blocking it, to prevent the passage of water to the lungs when they are submerged.

This reflex is believed to be due to the mechanism that babies use during their development in the womb, while they are floating in the amniotic fluid. Probably, and as a result of these characteristics, there are other behaviors of the baby related to breathing that were also curious to me. Suddenly one day I was shocked when I realized that my babyI did not know how to breathe through my mouthas she began to release her breast to catch air while she was sucking. Any little cold that clogs their nostrils can be a problem for them because they can't use their mouths to breathe in air when their nose is blocked.

So thatwhen babies have difficulty breathing through their noses, they release the breast while nursing or the nipple when taking the bottle. The fundamental problem is that it is very annoying for them to eat and, above all, to sleep because they cannot, they get angry and cry. In addition, they usually make a little noise when they breathe through their noses and they may cough and even vomit, be irritable and uncomfortable.

Relief of a blocked nose is important for the well-being of babies and children, and can be done in a number of ways. One of them isapplying a few drops of physiological saline solution through the nose. You can also use seawater nebulizers or you can choose to remove the mucus with a pear after the bath, when it is wet and soft. It is advisable not to use cotton buds because we will probably introduce the snot more into the nostrils, instead of taking them out.

If the baby has mucus for more than four days, it is advisable to take him to the pediatrician to assess his condition. Sometimes the mucus caused by colds can affect the ear and, when the baby always has mucus, it is possible that the vegetations are inflamed.

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