What is gingivostomatitis. Inflammation in the mouth of babies and children

What is gingivostomatitis. Inflammation in the mouth of babies and children

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Gingivostomatitis is defined as inflammation of the oral mucosa, with the appearance of canker sores and swelling of the gums. It is a very annoying condition that affects, to a greater or lesser extent, practically all children during the first three years of life.

We will tell you why this inflammation of the oral mucosa appears and what treatment it requires in babies and children.

Although the causes of gingivostomatitis can be very diverse, the main one is infectious. The virus most frequently implicated is Herpes simplex type 1. In fact, the first time an infection with this virus is passed, it usually causes this disease. Recurrences of the same usually cause mild problems, which are known as cold sores (commonly known as 'fever').

From a clinical point of view, gingivostomatitis presents with fever, irritability, pain when swallowing, difficulty feeding, drooling, and bleeding gums. In the most serious cases or in very hot environments, the child can become dehydrated, this being the most worrying fact and the main reason for hospital admission.

Regarding the treatment, the main thing is to guarantee the hydration and nutrition of the child (providing water, juices or fresh milk in small periodic doses). Avoid foods at extreme temperatures, citrus fruits, and very salty foods. In addition, it is advisable to provide pain relievers such as ibuprofen.

In certain circumstances, specific antivirals can be administered. Patients with more severe symptoms or clinically dehydrated must be admitted to receive intravenous fluid therapy.

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