The benefits of water during pregnancy

The benefits of water during pregnancy

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Water is a natural good necessary for life. During pregnancy, water is an essential resource for new life that grows and for the pregnant woman. The benefits of water during pregnancy They make us reflect on the value of water in the different stages of our lives.

Water is an important resource in all stages of life, at all times of our day. The benefits of water during pregnancy, both for the woman and her baby, are incalculable:

- Water purifies the body, helping the body to get rid of unnecessary amounts of sodium, thus avoiding all types of infection in the urinary tract of women.

- Water hydrates the body. Drinking water during pregnancy is important for the woman's body to fight dehydration, a severe complication that can affect the correct development of the fetus' brain. In addition, drinking 2 liters of water a day is very beneficial to avoid fluid retention typical of the gestation period.

- Water purifies the maternal blood of toxins. Thus the blood stream reaches the baby cleaner.

- Water protects the health of the baby since it renews, nourishes and hydrates the fluid in the amniotic sac every hour.

- Water prevents hypertension, as well as the development of cardiovascular diseases, during pregnancy.

- Water improves the skin condition of women, which appears much healthier, hydrated and clean.

- Water prevents problems such as constipation and hemorrhoidsin pregnancy.

- Water relieves discomfort like morning sickness.

- Water can prevent premature labor. Drinking water during the third trimester of pregnancy can prevent premature delivery.

Apart from all the benefits of drinking water during pregnancy, you can also take advantage of this resource in other ways:

- Gymnastics in the water. Water, during pregnancy, can help a woman balance her weight, tone muscles and feel more vital and light to carry out day-to-day activities. In addition, by practicing exercises in the water, you will avoid injuries to bones and joints, as well as common problems such as swelling, back pain and others. Hydro-gymnastics, as well as water massage, are highly indicated during pregnancy, as long as they are recommended by the doctor.

- I give birth in the water. Every day more women are looking for alternatives to childbirth in water, for the comfort and relaxation that it offers women at this long-awaited moment.

- Games in the water. Water is one of the favorite games of babies. From 3 months, they can already learn to move in the water and swim with their parents. Midwifery is gaining more followers every day. Exercises in the water stimulate baby's movement and coordination, relax and help him fall asleep, and improve his appetite.

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