Dangers Babies Face in the Pool

Dangers Babies Face in the Pool

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The images are eerie: a baby swims in a pool full of children. He has a float and feels safe. But at one point, the float capsizes and the baby is unable to escape from the water. Nobody seems to notice. Children play around him and the anguish increases with every second that passes. The pool becomes a prison for the little one. It is a real case and the images come to us through the National Association for Child Safety.

Watching this video gives you a chill. Then you breathe in relief at the 'savior' girl's reaction and think ... 'it could happen to my son'. Indeed, in the pool, just one minute is enough, and our baby will be in danger. Parental carelessness can have dire consequences. The anguish that this baby goes through in the pool serves as a warning for all parents. This is what can happen if you do not watch your child, even wearing a float or cuffs. Neither is risk-free insurance.

The pool poses risks for the baby, and parents must know them and be alert to protect them.

- Risk of drowning.

- Risk of contusions.

- Injuries as a result of jumping into the pool badly.

- Sunburn and heat stroke.

- fungal infection.

- Respiratory complications due to chlorine in asthmatic children.

- Worsening of dermatitis.

- Otitis.

- Insect bites.

The main advice is continuously monitor the baby. At least every ten seconds. But there are more recommendations. The National Association for Child Safety insists on preventing child accidents in this way: placing barriers or safety devices so that the baby cannot access the pool alone, teaching the baby to float and swim, keeping flashy toys away from the pool ...

If despite all these prevention measures, if an accident occurs with the child, it is essential that their parents know how to react: with resuscitation maneuvers or by calling the emergency phone immediately.

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