Benefits of swings for children

Benefits of swings for children

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Who does not remember spending hours and hours in the swings of a park? This classic in children's games continues to be the main protagonist in parks. Yet in an age where kids prefer technology to machine-free, outdoor fun, these seem to be the big forgotten.

Really, swings have more benefits than we really take into account, and knowing them will make us aware of the importance of these games for our children.

When a child plays on a swing, he experiences several sensations at the same time: on the one hand, the one that has to do with the Liberty, since it is the closest thing to flying that you will find; on the other, that of speed, something they like and frighten at the same time, and finally, the one that has to do with happiness of being outdoors.

Our children are happy on the swings because they can move independently in the directions they want, and also, with a control that will make them want to improve themselves by getting a movement faster or higher depending on your capabilities. In addition, they can also imagine play situations that will make them be the most creative with the other children.

- Team games: When children begin to ride on the swings, multiple games and fantasies arise that they can do with others who are at that moment in the swing next door. From speed 'races' in the structure itself, to relays when one pushes and the other swings, or even jumping a few distances to see who can go further.

- Self-improvement: Although at first it is difficult for them, when they can learn to balance on the swing without the help of parents or other children, little by little they will be able to perfect their technique and overcome their own personal 'marks', something that they will undoubtedly love.

- Environmental freedom: Leaving the house, moving from technology and returning to traditional games and enjoying the outdoors and the environment is something beneficial and advantageous for children, and of course very necessary for their growth. Therefore, the days in the park are most necessary for your personal freedom and contact with nature.

-Psychomotricity: Riding on a swing seems easy to us now that we are adults, but if we look back we will remember that it was not so easy to combine arms, legs and waist movements to balance without falling. Therefore, children getting to move little by little and getting better in this device will improve their motor skills.

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