Tricks to remove mud from children's clothes

Tricks to remove mud from children's clothes

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When our children come home with the stained clothes as if they had been put through a mud, we often wonder if that is not the end of the garments in question.

Either because they have been playing in an area with mud, sitting in a not too clean place or indeed, 'wallowing' where there was more mud That grass, the fact is that you have to act against that type of stains that can leave a lick for life. Knowing the best home remedies to eliminate the spots in question will help us to remove them as soon as possible.

The first thing we have to know before starting to send the damn garment to the washing machine is that the detergent we use is not usually removed instantly. That is, the washer It must be the last step if we want to make a kind of final auction or if we see that its fence has not been completely removed. And you never have to join this garment with others in the same washing program.

Before we start thinking about the homemade tricks, we cannot forget the classic soapy water, something that we must soak for a considerable time if we want let the stain melt. To remove it, once we've had it to soak a few hours, we have to get a brush big enough to cover the stain and rub in circles with our own soap foam. This way it will come out more easily.

When we see that the stain is at a point that the soapy water falls short, then we have to start with another type of home remedies more aggressive that will help us on multiple occasions with our children:

- Ammonia: This product can be used with the mixture of soapy water if it is very difficult for the stain to disappear. Applying just a few drops of ammonia in the basin where we have put these muddy clothes can help it completely dissolve. If we use a slightly smaller brush - it may be an old one from the teeth that we no longer use - the stain will go away faster.

- Vinegar: A classic for stains is certainly vinegar. Applying it when the stain is at a point of no return can help it dissolve if later we put it in a special washing program in the washing machine with mild soap.

- Salt and lemon. The lemon mixture with a difficult stain always gives good results, and much more if we also let it dry in the sun. But in the case of mud, this is increased if we also add a handful of salt to rub with a brush.

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