The candle that rises with the water. Experiment for children

The candle that rises with the water. Experiment for children

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There are scientific experiments that seem like real magic to the eyes of children, as is the case with this one. With just a candle and water we can create a surprising optical effect that will amaze the little ones in the house.

Carrying out this experiment will also serve to explain to children some simple notions of science. Go ahead and prepare this experiment, always with caution since we will use a candle, and it will surely delight the children.

  • 1 glass fountain
  • 1 tall candle
  • 1 highball glass
  • Food coloring or juice
  • Water
  • Matches or lighter

Tip: Be very cautious when doing this experiment as fire is used, don't let children do it unsupervised.

1. Place a candle in the center of the glass dish and pour water until it covers about two fingers on the base. Add food coloring or juice to make it look better.

2. Set the candle on fire using a few matches and a lighter, being careful not to burn yourself.

3. Place the highball glass on top of the candle so that it is inside. You will see how the candle is extinguished due to the lack of oxygen ... and the water will rise through the glass!