Feeding and breastfeeding

Feeding and breastfeeding

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The lactation period helps to burn the fat accumulated during pregnancy since when the baby takes breast milk, it goes with the fats necessary for food. This helps to regain the figure and weight before pregnancy, although this does not mean that we have to reduce the calories we eat to lose weight as soon as possible by pulling our reserves.

It is essential that the mother has a correct diet, not only to produce milk, but also to be able to have enough energy to perform all the physical activities required to take care of the baby.

Since our site we offer you a selection of articles on lamentation during the period of Breastfeeding. Here you will find tips and also banish some myths.

Hydration during lactation. Why you have to drink a lot of water while breastfeeding. To maintain the daily production of breast milk, the mother has to drink enough fluids, preferably water. If the nursing mother is mildly dehydrated, breastfeeding may not be compromised.

Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation. Every May 28 in Spain the National Nutrition Day is celebrated. This year, the chosen motto is 'In pregnancy and lactation, eating well is the best I love you'.

Feeding of the nursing mother. More appropriate foods for the mother during lactation. When a pregnant woman has a correct diet, she accumulates the basic reserves to establish lactation, ensures the production of milk for her child and good nutrition for herself.

Beer in pregnancy. The results of a new study reveal that a product as rich in antioxidants as non-alcoholic beer may be beneficial for the baby during breastfeeding.

From breastfeeding to porridge. After five months, the baby's diet begins to change. Fruit, cereals are introduced ... and solid foods? From when can we give the baby solid foods?

How to increase milk production. One of the main concerns of nursing mothers is whether their child is getting enough milk. Some mothers fear producing too little milk. Here you will find some tricks that you can do at home so that the production of breast milk increases thanks to the so-called galactogogues.

Lose weight after pregnancy. The real solution to lose weight without damaging your health is the proposal made by the nutritionist doctor Jean-Michael Cohen, author of the bestseller No. 1 in France: I have decided to lose weight. Now, and forever, it goes against dangerous miracle diets. In this exclusive interview with our site, Dr. Cohen reveals all the secrets to losing weight after pregnancy,

Cravings during lactation. What are cravings during lactation due to? Cravings don't just happen during pregnancy. Breastfeeding is a very important period and some deficit in the mother's diet may require her to eat certain foods in order to better feed her baby. What cravings are the most common after childbirth?

Foods that nursing mothers should not eat. During breastfeeding, the mother must take care of her diet because what she eats or does not eat will influence the health of the baby. These are the foods that mothers should not eat while breastfeeding and the habits that they should abandon for the good of the little one.

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