Tips on how to prepare the pet for the baby's arrival

Tips on how to prepare the pet for the baby's arrival

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Before the baby is born, many changes need to be made at home and in the family routine, as well as how the house works. The couple will have to prepare a room for the little one, buy him clothes and accessories, find out more, and also change some customs and habits of the day to day of the house.

If the couple has a pet, it is also important that they prepare it before the baby arrives home, to avoid changes in their behavior such as jealousy, especially if it is a dog or a cat.

Parents should be aware that a baby, that is, its smell, its cries, its babbling, etc., will be a novelty for the pet. They can cause unexpected reactions, feel displaced and therefore need to get the attention of their owners. There are dogs, for example, more or less friendly and social depending on their breed. They can behave more or less jealous, adaptable, curious ... For this reason, has prepared some tips on how to prevent and prepare the pet for the arrival of the baby.

1- It may seem strange, but it would be interesting for the pet to become familiar with the sounds of babies. With some recording of crying or babbling, the pet can get used to the sounds that the baby will make when it arrives.

2- If the mother or father are going to spend more time in the new room, it is recommended that they move and stay in the baby's room more frequently, so that the pet gets used to the absence of the partner in the others rooms of the house.

3- It is advisable for the pet to have contact with the objects and articles that will be in contact with the baby. With his stroller, with his crib, and even with personal items such as clothes, soap, lotion, powder, shampoo ... that the baby will use, etc.

1- When the baby arrives home, it is advisable that the couple do not change their habits of greeting the pet. While one holds the baby the other greets the pet.

2- Parents should bring the baby closer to the pet progressively, so that both do not get scared and get used to their smells, aspects, etc.

3- At the beginning, it is important to limit the pet's entrance to the baby's room, with grids, at least in the first 3 months of the child's life, or while he is sleeping. Then, little by little, you can share the room with the pet, always keeping it controlled so that it does not climb into the crib or push it.

4- The pet should not be completely alone with the baby.

5- When the baby begins to crawl or walk, surely the pet will already be used to his presence, and may even be more aware of the baby as if he were his caregiver.

6- The baby and the pet can develop a very beautiful relationship if they both learn to live together. You also have to educate the baby how to treat the pet.

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