Teach your child English and French with Tatetitoys

Teach your child English and French with Tatetitoys

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My son has a hard time studying English. It seems boring. However, every time you search for the videos you like (in your case, Formula 1), you listen to them in English without any problem. One day I caught him listening to one of his videos ... in Japanese! 'This is how I learn Japanese,' he told me.

Perhaps that is the trick to awaken in them, from a very young age, an interest in languages: let them watch attractive videos, that they like, that 'hook' them. This way they will remain attentive and focused, while someone speaks to them clearly and simply in another language.

This unboxing channel, that of Tatetitoys, mixes two great ingredients to make it easy for kids to learn languages: toys, something kids love, and phrases they can understand.

You can use the videos of Tatetitoys for your child to learn English or French. You have Tatetitys channels in various languages. The same images are used in all of them, so only the language changes.

Want a tip ?: Let your child see the video in Spanish first. Then you put the same video in English or French. Children love to see the same story over and over again. It is a great memory exercise. As they watch the same video for the eleventh time, they memorize the phrases and scenes. That's fantastic, because afterwards it won't be difficult for them to relate the phase they learned in Spanish with the one they just heard in English or French.

Practice with this video in English, where Frozen characters visit Peppa Pig's house. Tatetitoys uses toys in a didactic way, to teach and entertain children. In their videos you will not only find toys, but also fantastic stories. Take the test, and you will see how easy it is to learn English or French while having fun.

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