When is the best time to get pregnant?

When is the best time to get pregnant?

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Getting pregnant depends on many things: our wishes, our plans, our physical condition, our environment, etc. How can we combine all these factors to choose the right moment?

When we consider having a child, different situations arise. There are couples who don't plan it, they just come and welcome it into their lives; others who want to be parents, but they wait until they find the right moment; Others who plan until in which month their offspring should be engendered so that it fits within their work plans, home, education, age and even preferences between one horoscope and another; and, finally, those who want it, but do not get, in principle, a pregnancy.

From the physical point of view of women, the best time according to the doctors would be twenty, at which time the woman is perfectly developed and has much more reproductive capacity than an older woman: more possibilities of conceiving and a lower risk of having a child with physical problems. Normally, an older woman is usually considered from the age of 35 or 40, the age when reproduction is difficult and there is a greater chance of any difficulty in pregnancy, childbirth or health of the baby.

Physical conditions are important, but the maturational aspects of the couple are also very important. There are many people who, even being not so young they are more prepared to welcome a new member because they offer greater emotional and social stability. Increasingly, the search for children is postponed, either because of greater economic or social stability, or because of the increase in second relationships or marital unions. The fact is that the number of women who have their first-born from thirty or even forty increases, something that does not necessarily imply that they will have a risky pregnancy or a sick baby.

There are also sad cases of couples who wait so long that they later fail to get pregnant, even without apparent fertility problems. It seems that physical and emotional maturity do not always go hand in hand: a 12-year-old girl might be a mother, but she would have a few more years to achieve adequate emotional maturity. I guess then the best time is the one that offers enough youth to have a healthy pregnancy and good energy for caring for the baby and, at the same time, sufficient maturity and social stability to welcome a son or daughter with the serenity, patience and tranquility that their education requires.

Many times the moment is not chosen, but the moment chooses you. The best thing would be to combine prudence, due to the responsibility that we contract, with the willingness that a new life becomes part of ours.

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