The rubber game for children

The rubber game for children

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Some of the traditional games for children are worth keeping. Those games that have accompanied the childhood of many people are still valid for our children and we are trying to recover the taste for the simplest games.

The rubber game It is a game that has several modalities and that is very fun and dynamic.

To play rubber or elastic you need a elastic band tied at the ends. Two children will stand inside the rubber band with enough space for another child to jump and perform rhythmic movements. The rubber is initially placed at the ankles and goes up to the waist or to the armpits depending on the degree of difficulty of the game.

It is a fun game that can be played outdoors, but also indoors if the weather is not right. The game of rubber has accompanied all children's summers for generations and is still suitable for children today. Among the advantages of the rubber band game are agility and coordination, children stay active and also reinforce bonds of friendship and social relationships are promoted.

There are different modalities to play rubber. The most common is to jump outside and inside the rubber to finish stepping on it with both feet. The rubber is also often rolled and unrolled, made triangles with it, or skipped with one foot. Any of the variants is ideal to encourage the practice of physical exercise in children and also to recover the tradition of popular songs.

Some of the songs that accompany the rubber jumps are unforgettable like 'Anchors-clas, levers-clas, blue-les and white-cas. Anchors, levers, blue and white '. Another of the mythical children's songs is that of 'Don Melitón had three cats and he made them dance on the plate. And at night he gave them nougat. Long live Don Melitón's cats'. All of them songs with which we adults remember our childhood and with which our children will have as much fun as the children we were.

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